Our features

Interactive Subtitles

Interactive Subtitles is a magic tool, allowing you to translate single words or whole phrases directly in the player. Just click on the word or a sentence you want to understand better, and you will see it translated.

Grammar Links and Comments

A special mechanism helps to identify grammatical structures in the text. Through the system of related links you can quickly find occurrences of a structure in other video clips. Problematic usages are provided with comments.

individual Plan of Studies

You can take a test to determine your level of language proficiency. On the basis of the test results, an individual plan of studies will be prepared for you, taking into account your personal features and existing language knowledge.

Learn languages via the materials intresting for you
Our database contains hundreds of video clips from various movies, TV series and shows. You can practice the language using the materials that are interesting for you.

New words are now easier to memorize

Add unknown words to your personal dictionary to repeat and memorize them. The unique systems of repetition and search make the memorization process easy and effective.

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